Workshop Series and Conference

Join us for our first project and event series!

The world is built upon the backs of those who toil in the fields and labour in the towns. Yet their voices often remain hard to access. For those who we may term ‘peasants’ in the pre-modern world this problem is arguably even more acute. The Global Medieval Peasants Research (GMPR) Network wants to aid international discourse surrounding the subject of peasants in the pre-modern, ‘medieval’ world (c. 500-1500) and promote the latest scholarship addressing these diverse populations.

Participants will meet virtually to discuss their work in a seminar-style format before hosting a virtual conference. This will ensure that all participants receive informed and personal feedback so that each paper can converse with the work of others within the Network. From these papers, we would aim to produce an edited volume or special edition which brings together the latest research on peasants from across the world. 

We encourage the participation of postgraduate and early career researchers alongside the efforts of established scholars. Researchers working in and on regions with little representation in Anglophone scholarship (e.g., East Asia, South America, and Africa) are strongly encouraged to participate. We aim to be a network which is inclusive and accessible for all scholars.

The deadline for this Call for Papers is 31 September 2021.

To get involved, contact us via email ( or on Twitter, @GlobalPeasants.